- Introduction -

People are our greatest asset. The staff at Artech is experts with the print processes, especially in techniques for pre-press production. In the world of rapid development in printing technology, all our staff keeps equipping themselves with knowledge from design to print production. Apart from professional technical staff, our team consists of different members of various sectors: customer representatives who are courteous to our clients; IT support team who develops supporting system; administration team who manages Artech with quality system. Artech encourages our staff to pursue knowledge; so we provide on the job training and exchange program frequently.

Staff Training

[Sep 2016] Artech Kitchen - Chef Competition
To celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, our boss and all staff cooked together. For the chefs, the office was closed for half day. It was so much fun to gather together and enjoyed the meal that we cooked! Great team building!
You can watch the videos of our 15/9 chef class on Youtube.

A 3-hour workshop on brand culture was conducted by the brand building master, Mr. Charles Ng, on 1 Apr 2015. Designed for developing a good culture for our brand, Mockup Box, it was a first of its kind of training to all our staff. Everyone was involved and engaged in the group games, including the 6-color thinking head. Training turned to be fun with the color printed cardboard boxes & props instead of just wearing a cap. Many staff also expressed their feeling with Artech and their ideas for a better future. Enjoy viewing the photos!

Team Building - The management consultant of Artech, Mr. Stephen Chan, delivered the training on team building to all staff on 28 July 2012.

Print management - Internal training workshop.
In order to enhance our staff’s skills and knowledge on print management service, we invited KK Cheu, an experienced print and packaging quality control expert, to do on-site press check and one-day training workshop. Tools were created for our staff to carry out on-site press check.

Qualifications Framework (QF) by the Hong Kong government - In 2009 the Education & Manpower Bureau presented us the information on QF examination and certification. Our staff was encouraged to achieve the qualification certificate with years of working in the printing and design industry.

Recreation Activities

[Feb 2018] The annual reunion dinner was held to celebrate with all our staff. An evening with fine dinning, games and Bingo fun. A year of quality performance well recognized.

[Jul 2015] Our Managing Director, Mr. Yeung, has a good practice to celebrate his birthday with our staff. This year is not an exception and we had a party on 24/7. It was a relaxing party for all our staff and to meet Mr. Yeung’s family and friends. The buffet dinner at HKCEE - Congress Plus was delicious and everyone enjoyed it so much.

[Nov 2014] Artech 20th Anniversary Staff Party 2014 on 22/11
It was a birthday party for all our HK and Shenzhen staff. The Shenzhen staff took the chance to do shopping and a tour to the Peak. Before dinner, a fun and exiting group game was set for four teams mixing the HK & SZ staff. There were cash prizes! It was also a reunion with our vendors to thank them for their great support in the past. Highlight of the party was the lucky draw. The Shenzhen staff has been very lucky that night and got several big prizes. Keep up the Artech family spirit and heading for another good year!

[Feb-2014] Charity Donation Award
In December 2013, a group of Artech staff has made donation to Fu Hong Society and joined the charity walk up the peak. To appreciate everyone who has donated this charity event, a prize was presented at the year end staff party.

Company Staff Holiday November 2011- Hong Kong Geopark trip

Summer Trip, June 2010. We organized a short trip for all the staff to East Theme Park. Everyone enjoyed the trip and the communication between HK & Shenzhen staff was enhanced.