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Project Management

Project Management is needed in the modern business process of creating your unique product or service with constant changing requirements. Having Artech to aid you on the packaging project management, you can focus on your R&D projects.

You can track progress, overcome difficulties and adapt to frequent changes through our online tracking system (Artrack). This online proofing system allows you to do real-time proofing of artwork and design through the internet. Our DAM system archives all your updated digital files in one place and you can also access them via internet. File access and asset management make easy.

We also manage your file transfer in the project. FTP is one of the best ways to send and receive large digital files, but it is not the most time efficient. Artech is installed with Beehive, which is a powerful tool for transferring large digital files. The system itself compresses files before transferal and so transfer time is shortened. An automatic email will then be sent to the recipient notifying him/her to download the file by clicking on the hyperlink listed in the email. It therefore prevents the recipient getting a wrong file and saves time from searching files on FTP.