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Print Management

As the brand owner, you are having multiple brands and product lines selling to a global market. Dozens or even hundreds of printers or packaging suppliers are contracted for the packaging printing in Asia and Greater-China region. How can you control the quality of the printed products from those printers? How can you maintain color consistency of the printed products? How can you make sure that the same brand image is applied to the wide variety of packaging material? These controls are the keys in brand management.

The above problems are often found only after printing is completed. Due to individual printing press might use different paper, ink setting and so on. Artech can help you to tackle these problems. Please find our solutions and print management services for you in the following:

  • As your printing consultant and direct communication with your contracted printers.
  • Set up standards for printing and color profile, color reference kit.
  • Create brand guidelines
  • Provide technical backup support on print related problems.
  • Provide on-site supervision to the printing plant.
  • Provide printer audit.

Even if you have only one contracted printer and a handful of printing orders, we can be your printing consultant, help you to maintain and improve your brand management by making sure your product packaging meets qualified standards.

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