- Clients -

Interaction with Clients
Communication is the key to success in doing business. We always work with our clients on developing new products and services, like the mockup sampling and Digital Asset Management system, these are the services developed from our clients’ suggestions. At the same time we are developing new services for multi-color printing technology (Hexachrome and Hi-Fi color).

Long time customer does not mean a happy customer. Comments and complaints from client are always welcome. To understand customer needs further, we conduct customer satisfaction survey every year.

For job process communication, we have an online job tracker Artrack™. This system allows clients to track the process of their orders and make comments on each job. The production time of each job can then be shortened.

Customer Visits

  • [Sept-2017] Mid Autumn Festival Lunch Gathering
  • [May-2017] MotherCare - Business Co-operation
  • [Dec-2016] Customer Visit – Kids II
  • [Mar-2016] Creata/Ultimate Source Visit to Artech
  • [Mar-2016] Toys R Us Brand Management/Packaging Team Visit to Artech
  • [Jan-2016] Customer Visit to Artech
  • [Jan-2014] Hasbro Toys US visited Artech Graphics HK & Shenzhen
  • [Oct-2013] The packaging team of Vivid Imaginations UK & HK visited Artech Graphics Ltd
  • [Feb-2013] Hasbro Toys US visited Artech Graphics SZ
  • [Feb-2013] Hallmark cards visit Artech

Seminars & Gathering

  • [Sept-2017] Mid Autumn Gathering with Clients & Staff
  • [May-2017] Packaging Design Software Demonstration
  • [Sep-2016] Artech Mid-Autumn Luncheon and Print Buyer Sharing
  • [Apr-2016] What a marvelous box for brand launching event!
  • [Dec-2015] The “Unlimited Creativity with Prints and Technologies” seminar
  • [Sept-2015] Mid-Autumn Lunch Gathering
  • [Apr-2015] Red + Box Gathering
  • [Nov-2013] Artech Solution Seminar
  • [Aug-2011] Design Management Lecture
  • [Sept-2010] New Equipment for Print Management
  • [Aug-2010] Advanced Color Quality Control Seminar
  • [Sept-2009] Seminar of New Technology on Project Management
  • [Sept-2013] Mid-Autumn Luncheon Gathering
  • [Sept-2012] Mid-Autumn Festival Lunch Buffet Reception
  • [Sept-2011] Mid-Autumn Festival Lunch Buffet Reception at Hotel Nikko
  • [Sept-2010] Mid-Autumn Festival Lunch Buffet
  • [Sept-2007] Mid-Autumn Festival Lunch Buffet
  • [Oct-2006] Mid-Autumn Festival Lunch Buffet Reception at Hotel Nikko

Notes of Appreciation

Order workflow enhancement for customers
Artech continues to deliver quality services to our clients and enhanced order management for customers. This September, a customer needed urgently large amount of mockups in a very short time for their US toy show. Their Director of Product Development wrote to us after we efficiently pushed their orders ahead:

"We couldn't be more pleased with Artech, the quality, customer service, flexibility and speed!
Thank you very much for your insightful comments on how to make the work flow more efficient. Will pass info onto the team and we will prepare the artwork and request like this from now on.

Thank you again! Thank you"

Partner in graphic arts & pre-press
Letter from Tesco UK:

"Tesco have worked with Artech Graphics Ltd for over two years, and they have been a key partner in our expanding sourcing operation in China.
Artech have provided graphics arts and pre-press project management services of the highest quality. They are able to manage complex projects with stakeholders in different countries. Their technical capability is excellent and they have formed good relationships with printers which has improved the quality of our packaging.
I would recommend them to you as a graphic arts and pre-press partner."