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Design Management

When you're developing a new product design or applying a consistent design across different categories, Artech can help you with the packaging design that works. Our team of designers considers how a design will be printed, how a product will be packed and how your brand will be displayed in the store. With solid industry experience and local expertise, we create designs and produce packaging suitable for your brands and to drive more sales. All Artech-built artworks are pre-press ready.
Utilizing the technology and equipment help us to ensure quality design. With in house mockup production, we can promptly create a very realistic sample to provide you an in–depth view of your brands.

Packaging Engineering & Structure Design
Need to develop a brand new packaging or improvement? With our in-depth packaging experience, we can provide you professional suggestions in the packaging structure. Structure design also require experience to do it right. Artech’s designers are familiar with all types of packaging structure design. We offer solutions to transport your ideas into the practical package box. With the aid of computer programs, our design team builds up the unique design fitting your branded products nicely. Further structure testing can be performed to check the final packaging design. And a mock-up model can be made for you for client presentation.

Creative Artwork & Design
Through interactive meetings and in-depth research to obtain your understanding and desire on how your target customers perceive the brand, our designers work at great length to deliver solutions for the packaging requirement and transport the conceptual ideas onto the packaging design. Your outstanding packaging with attractive layout and distinctive structure are put together in one artwork. We can also work on modification or localization from multi-lingual artwork. All artwork file built by Artech are pre-press ready.

Digital Photography
A picture worth a thousand words. Getting the right photo to represent your brands is the fundamental key to win customers. Our skillful photographers take digital photographs of your products with the right setting. You get high quality product images for your packaging and other medium.

Photo Retouching
Color images might not always match the desire printed effect and imperfections may appear in the original photos. Our experienced designers work meticulously to do photo retouching, imposing color correction and special effects onto the original photo file rendering clear, flawless, attractive looking photos.

Mockup Production for your brand visualization
To develop your brands, a mockup is very useful to provide the visual appearance, making sure the fittings for products are correct and that the brand color is consistently carried. It can be used for structural testing, modifying and fine-tuning any adjustments to ensure the packaging is sturdy & protective. You can also use it for market presentation to win sales. We have specialists in producing high quality mockups for you.