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Digital Asset Management (DAM)

DAM is an integrated system that provides a platform for you to manage information elements and digital assets systematically. It allows your digital assets and elements to be taken out and accessed. You can have them reproduced to different media such as for printing.

The benefits of using DAM system are as follow:

  • Reduce production time from more direct communication
  • Reduce production cost
  • Higher valuation for the company
  • Secure brand management.

In short, a DAM system serves these functions:

  • Searching images and data by Metadata
    Going through CDs / DVDs or files in servers / computers searching for images and data is a time consuming and wasting your valuable time. However, everyone managing the brands, from designers to sales persons, need to take part in such activity in order to get the desired file for production of a product, especially in terms of packaging. By using the DAM system, you can search a file by typing the file or key related words, or Metadata, just like what you always do in Google. Metadata means data about data, referring to any data that helps in location, identification and description of electronic resources. After keying in the requested Metadata, the system will present the desired file(s) to you within seconds.
  • Systematizing workflow by version control and duplication control
    There are always a lot of people involved in production, both outside and inside of your company. Different people have their own version of files after they finish their part. It can be difficult to distinguish which is the final or up to date version. DAM system can control the version of files from being duplicated. Every time you upload a new file to it with the same name, it will automatically overwrite the previous one.
  • Tracking of progress
    The DAM system of Artech is integrated with a tracking system. This tracking system is for the customer’s record on status of each production. On one side you will see an updated file being produced and stored into the DAM system; on the other side you can track the production time and status of that project.
  • Managing rights of use of digital assets and elements
    The digital asset containing the design and images are confidential. But some parties may need to check or just “have a look” at it. DAM system can manage the rights of use of those files. By storing both a low-resolution and a high-resolution file, those who are not authorized to get access to confidential files can download the low-resolution file for preview only; while other core members can download the high-resolution file for production.